Custom Retainers
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Your child is done with their orthodontic treatmentโ€”congratulations! That means that they are done wearing oral appliances forever, right? Not quite. Retainers are an important part of maintaining the results of orthodontic treatment. By wearing a comfortable, custom retainer, your child will be able to preserve their beautiful new smile for the rest of their life! To learn more about retainers or schedule your child’s next visit, please get in touch with our friendly front office team.

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How often does my child need to wear their retainer?

Wearing a retainer after orthodontic treatment is crucial for maintaining the results achieved with braces or aligners. Although it may seem like an inconvenience, wearing a retainer ensures that your child’s teeth remain in their corrected positions and prevents the teeth from shifting back over time. We recommend that patients who have removable retainers aim to wear their retainers every night. Not wearing a retainer often enough can result in additional orthodontic work being required in the future.

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How should my child clean their retainer?

Keeping a retainer clean is essential for optimal oral health and preventing bacterial buildup. Have your child rinse their retainer with lukewarm water after each use to remove saliva and debris. Then, brush the retainer gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild soap or non-abrasive toothpaste at least once a day. Avoid using hot water or harsh cleaners, as they can damage the retainer material. Additionally, patients can soak their retainers in hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar to kill off additional bacteria (remember to rinse the retainer well afterward!)

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What happens if a retainer breaks?

If your child’s retainer breaks, it’s important to contact our office as soon as possible for guidance on what to do next. Depending on the severity of the damage, we may recommend repairing or completely replacing the retainer. Continuing to wear a damaged retainer can compromise its effectiveness and may lead to complications such as discomfort, poor fit, or even injury to the tissue in the mouth. If your child has a backup retainer or Invisalign tray, we may recommend that they use that until a new retainer can be created.

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