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Rewards Program

Did you know that we have a Rewards Program? That’s right! You can earn points at each of appointment to save up for awesome prizes! You can pick a prize from our rewards cabinet, or save up for a larger prize like Beats Headphones or an Apple watch! How do you earn points? It’s easy! … Continued

Taryn’s Thoughts: Post 1

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get braces? Does it hurt? What’s the process like? What can I eat? We will be following Taryn, our braces giveaway winner, on her journey to receiving the perfect smile. We will share posts written by Taryn discussing her thoughts, feelings and perspective as she … Continued

Meet Taryn, Our Free Orthodontic Case Winner!

We are excited to announce Taryn Elliott as the winner of our Free Orthodontic Case Giveaway! After receiving several nomination photos and videos, we narrowed it down our lucky winner, Taryn. This giveaway was created to recognize an outstanding member of our community, who could not afford dental treatment, and provide them with the smile … Continued

The Process of Getting Braces

Getting braces can be daunting and slightly overwhelming. However, knowing what to expect during each step of the process can help alleviate some of your anxiety. After your initial consultation with the orthodontist, you will receive a treatment plan based on your needs. While the process is very similar for every case, your experience can … Continued

3 Advantages of Invisalign

Why Invisalign? For years, braces have been the go-to method to get a straighter smile, however, Invisalign is becoming more popular in orthodontics. In fact, over 5 million people worldwide have started Invisalign treatment and the number keeps growing.                                 … Continued

Prophy Jet Technology

What is the Prophy Jet? At Summit Family Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on being the only office in Colorado to offer our patients a Prophy Jet cleaning at every appointment.                                                   … Continued

Get to Know the Ortho Team

¬†Here at Summit Family Orthodontics, we strive to make your experience enjoyable! Our assistants dedicate themselves to not only providing you with amazing results, but also work to create relationships with their patients. Let’s get to know our team a little better! Shirley Shirley is our Orthodontic Manager and has been at Summit Family Orthodontics … Continued
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