Comprehensive Braces in Littleton

Today, there are more options when it comes to braces than ever before. Not to mention braces are also sleeker and more comfortable to wear than they have been in the past. At Summit Family Orthodontics, we offer two main types of braces for both kids and adults: metal and ceramic (sometimes referred to as clear or invisible).
It’s okay if you’re not quite sure which option is right for you. That’s where our team comes in! We’re happy to provide a recommendation based on your teeth straightening needs, lifestyle, and budget so that you’ll be on your way to a smile you love in no time. woman with braces

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the standard, tried-and-true orthodontic method when it comes to straightening teeth. The high-grade metal brackets and archwires can correct even the most complicated cases. You can also personalize your braces by choosing the color of your brackets and elastics.

Ceramic/Clear Braces

Ceramic, clear, cosmetic, invisible… these braces go by many names. They’re a popular option for patients who would benefit from the teeth-straightening technology of brackets and wires, but who want to avoid the appearance of traditional metal braces. The brackets of ceramic braces are made from clear material so they blend in more naturally with your teeth.
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