Why Do Teeth Shift?

March 19, 2019 12:56 am
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Maybe you had braces earlier in life, but now your teeth have shifted, or perhaps you were lucky enough to have a straight smile as a child, but those pearly whites are not where they once were. Have you ever wondered why your teeth shifted? Read on to learn more about why teeth move.

  1. Genetics
  2. It may be obvious that things like your eye and hair color came from your family, but did you know that your genetics also determine how your teeth develop? Your genes contribute to the way your teeth form and the positions they tend to gravitate to.

  3. Age
  4. We use our teeth countless times throughout the day, between speaking and eating. All of this use does have an effect on our teeth, even though the force seems small in isolation. Over time, these combined forces can gradually cause our teeth to shift and can result in the erosion of teeth enamel, thereby changing the shape of teeth and the spaces between the teeth. The bottom teeth, which are naturally thinner than the top teeth, wear out sooner than the upper teeth, which can cause shifting.

  5. Decay
  6. Untreated cavities put you at increased risk of developing periodontitis or gum disease. Advanced stages of gum disease can cause loss of bone and gum tissue, resulting in tooth loss and shifting.

  7. Tooth Loss
  8. If you lose an adult tooth (either due to decay or injury), the neighboring teeth may move into the gap.

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You don’t have to settle for misaligned teeth. After all, straight teeth arenโ€™t just about aesthetics. Teeth that are improperly aligned can be harder to keep clean and healthy, which can lead to other painful dental problems. So if you have concerns about how your teeth have shifted, contact our office to arrange a complimentary orthodontic consultation. Our comprehensive orthodontic services include everything from metal braces and ceramic braces to lingual braces and Invisalignยฎ clear aligners, and more! Together, we can determine which treatment is best for your unique dental needs and smile goals.

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