Why Surgery Might Be Necessary Before Getting Braces

May 7, 2021 7:33 pm
Masked dental professionals preparing for oral surgery.

If your smile isn’t straight and even, you might feel self-conscious. Crooked teeth can also be harder to clean and more vulnerable to decay. Thankfully, there’s a solution! Summit Family Orthodontics offers both metal and ceramic braces. Depending on your case, you’ll have a new straight smile in about 1-3 years. Before you can get braces, you might need surgery like a tooth extraction. When is this necessary?

When Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

For many patients, we can put braces on their teeth without much fanfare. However, if there’s a lot of crowding going on, we might need to remove some teeth to make room. This is more common for adults who want braces. Why? The adult jawbone is fully grown and not as pliable. Removing teeth frees up the needed space. Worried an extraction will ruin your smile’s appearance? It actually ensures that your smile looks great!

What’s a Tooth Extraction Like?

Simple extractions (meaning the tooth has already erupted) are usually very quick. If the tooth is impacted, the procedure is a bit more complex. Before an extraction, the area around the tooth is thoroughly numbed. You’ll feel pressure – but not pain – when the tooth comes out.

Recovery After Surgery

After surgery, you should plan on taking it easy for the next day or so. It’s normal to experience some swelling and bleeding for about 24 hours. Stick with soft foods like applesauce, smoothies, and mashed potatoes. Don’t drink with a straw. Over-the-counter pain medications and ice packs should relieve any pain and swelling.

Braces at Summit Family Orthodontics in Littleton

Surgery is sometimes part of the journey to a straight, even smile. At our office, we offer three straightening options: Invisalign, metal braces, and ceramic braces. If you have severe misalignment issues, metal or ceramic braces are most likely the best choices. We’ll assess the situation at your consultation and offer our recommendations! Our friendly team looks forward to working with you. If you have any questions about orthodontics or want to start the process, please contact us today.

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