Taryn’s Thoughts: Post 2

March 26, 2019 8:30 pm
Four months have passed since the last time we caught up with Taryn! A lot has happened since her journey started!

March 22nd – 4-Month Update

My last adjustment went well! I have found that my new favorite color for power chains is aqua.  My canine, aka snaggle tooth, has also come into place after the last adjustment, which has me smiling like crazy! I have had a bit more pain with this last adjustment, but pain means improvement and that makes me feel grateful.
I am only on month 4 and am already over the moon with the way my smile is looking. I try to tell anybody who is on the fence about adult braces to make the jump! This experience is truly changing my life. I do sometimes feel a bit self-conscious with my braces, but my students always remind me how cool they look! Some things that have made this journey (in terms of hygiene) a bit easier is my wax, my Sonicare toothbrush and ortho-plackers for flossing. Dr. Allen has been proud of my hygiene thus far and I
Braces process
 truly think it is due to these habits. 
In terms of food, I never really cared for popcorn before braces but for some reason now that I have braces, I started to crave it!  I have found that the corn puffs from Trader Joe’s are a very “braces-friendly” snack that are gentle on teeth and allow me to feel like I’m eating popcorn. Plus, they don’t contain kernels!
I also found that it is much easier, especially after adjustments, to cut everything into small pieces. Sometimes it looks a bit silly cutting a cheeseburger up, but I guess that’s just the braces life!
Overall, I still feel so blessed to have been chosen for this amazing opportunity and I am grateful for every person who is helping me with this journey!

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