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Signs You Need Orthodontic Treatment

November 22, 2022 7:51 pm

Whether youโ€™re wondering if orthodontic treatment would benefit yourself or your child, itโ€™s never too late to achieve a straighter smile! Orthodontic treatment can solve many dental issues and significantly improve the appearance and health of your smile. Here are 3 issues that orthodontic treatment can address:

  1. Generally Crooked & Crowded Teeth
  2. One of the most obvious signs that you would benefit from orthodontic treatment is if your teeth look visibly crooked, rotated, or crowded. If left untreated, crooked or crowded teeth can damage surrounding teeth, cause additional misalignment issues, and increase your risk of dental disease.

  3. Overbites & Underbites
  4. An overbite and underbite are conditions when your upper and lower teeth do not match up so one arch of teeth protrudes more than the other instead of properly contacting each other. Braces, clear aligners, and headgear can help reposition the jaw and teeth to fix the malocclusion.

  5. Difficulty Eating
  6. Do you commonly bite your tongue or experience difficulty when biting into foods and/or chewing? Orthodontic treatment can realign your teeth and bite to make eating easier and more comfortable.

Personalized Orthodontics in Littleton, CO

Summit Family Orthodontics delivers personalized care and crafts custom treatment plans that accommodate each patientโ€™s unique needs. We do all we can to help each patient have a positive, stress-free experience at Summit Family Orthodontics.

Our office offers a wide variety of orthodontic treatments for patients of all ages. Our team specializes in braces, Invisalignยฎ, early-phase intervention, retainers, and more! We also provide flexible financing options to help patients fit a straighter, healthier smile into their budget. Plus, we invite you to check out this blog post to learn about our rewards program.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or to ask us questions about our orthodontic treatments, care philosophy, or office amenities.

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