A young teen with braces has her hand on her cheek because of pain.

At-Home Remedies for Orthodontic Discomfort

July 2, 2022 4:02 am

If your child has recently gotten braces or has had their braces tightened, they might experience some discomfort over the next few days. While the pain is quite uncomfortable, the good news is there are quite a few ways to ease braces/orthodontic pain at home. Below are some suggestions from Summit Family Orthodontics to help you make your child more comfortable.

1. Rinse with warm salt water

Sometimes your child’s gums might be a little swollen after their treatment. One of the best ways to reduce swelling from the inside and provide them with comforting relief is to rinse their mouths with warm salt water. There’s another benefit to rinsing with warm salt water. It will also decrease any chances of your child developing an infection, because warm salt water kills bacteria.

2. Eat soft foods

It might be tempting to give your child their favorite hard and crunchy foods as they recover, but that will only add more stress to their braces and make the pain worse. Instead, opt for soft foods, like mashed potatoes, soup, and ice cream.

3. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush

It’s important for your child to maintain their normal oral healthcare routine as they recover, but they should be extra gentle. A soft-bristle toothbrush can deliver a gentle yet effective clean around their teeth.

4. Use dental wax

If your child feels that their brackets and wires are brushing against their swollen gums and cheeks, they can apply dental wax to make the sharp edges feel more smooth.

5. Use an ice pack

If your child’s cheeks are painful and swollen, icing their cheeks in ten-minute increments can help numb the area and curb any residual swelling.

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