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Reasons to Consider Invisalign

September 13, 2022 8:53 am

The dentist helps you keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy with preventive care, can repair your teeth with restorative and emergency care, and can improve your smile’s appearance with cosmetic dentistry. Orthodontists can also improve the health and appearance of your teeth!

At Summit Family Orthodontics, we offer a range of orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign clear aligners®. Here are some reasons why you should consider Invisalign:

  1. You Want to Straighten Your Smile
  2. Is there anything about the way your teeth align, like some gaps or general crookedness, that you’re not happy about? Invisalign can address mild to moderate misalignment. Having straighter teeth will boost your confidence so you can take on the day with a stunning smile! Feeling confident can help you be more likable, attractive, and successful.

  3. You Want to Avoid Braces
  4. Straightening teeth used to be synonymous with getting braces but not anymore! If you’d rather not get braces because of how they look or feel, then Invisalign could be the perfect alternative option for you. Invisalign is a subtle treatment that pushes teeth into their perfect positions using smooth, clear trays that are hardly visible to others. Oral hygiene is simpler too since you don’t need to brush and floss around brackets and wires.

  5. You Can Commit to the Treatment
  6. Invisalign trays are completely removable, which is useful when you’re eating and brushing your teeth. However, it also means that you need to be consistent about putting them back in. Your Invisalign aligners should be worn for at least 20-22 hours a day. If you don’t stick to this timing, it could prolong your whole treatment plan. Additionally, you must take your aligners out whenever you eat or drink anything other than water. Otherwise, you will damage your aligners.

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