Foods That Are Good for Kids with Braces

February 25, 2019 9:36 pm

If your child has braces, you may be wondering what foods are safe to feed them. Afterall, traditional metal braces are typically worn from anywhere from 12 months to 3 years – that’s a lot of meals! Today, our team at Summit Family Orthodontics has put together the following list of five easily-prepared foods that are tasty choices for those with braces.

  1. Yogurt
  2. Yogurt is packed with protein and tooth-strengthening calcium. It is a yummy and filling option at breakfast or a snack for those with braces as it does not require chewing! Especially during the days right after getting braces or having them adjusted when mouths are tender, yogurt is a soothing food that won’t cause any pain. Just be sure to make your own yogurt or to buy a kind that is low in added sugar.

    Aerial view of a bowl of white yogurt with a sprinkling of uncooked oats and sliced strawberries

  3. Chicken Noodle Soup
  4. Chicken noodle soup is chock full of protein and vitamins you need to be healthy. And since the veggies are softened after cooking, it is easy to eat! Minimal chewing makes this dish a favorite of many of our patients with braces. If your child is a vegetarian or has had enough chicken noodle soup, try out soups that are puréed, like a tomato soup or black bean soup.

  5. Mashed Sweet Potatoes
  6. Mashed potatoes are delicious, easy to eat, and a favorite meal for both our patients with braces and our patients who have recently had oral surgery. They contain both vitamin C and vitamin A that are good for your oral health. Just be sure to go easy on the butter and any added sugar, like brown sugar or maple syrup.

  7. Scrambled Eggs with Avocados
  8. Scrambled eggs are versatile, full of protein, and easy to make – in our book, that sounds like a winner! Pair it with some sliced avocado for a boost of vitamin C, vitamin E, fiber, folate, and healthy unsaturated fats. Whether you’ve recently gotten braces or are searching for something simple and healthy to eat after having your braces adjusted, scrambled eggs should do the trick.

    Aerial view of a row of 4 avocado halves, 2 with pits and 2 without pits, and one uncut avocado

  9. Steamed Veggies
  10. We encourage our patients to eat their vegetables so they get health-boosting phytonutrients and antioxidants. However, many raw veggies may be a little too tough to eat for most of our patients with braces. But steamed vegetables are soft, easy to eat, and retain plenty of flavor and nutrients.

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    It’s critical for your child to eat the right foods while they have braces; it’s also important for them to avoid certain foods that can damage their braces. Gum and foods that are especially crunchy, chewy, and sticky should be saved until you have your braces off. To ask our team any questions about good foods for kids with braces or to schedule your child’s next appointment, contact our office today.

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