Does a Palatal Expander Hurt?

November 13, 2020 5:49 pm
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Most people think of metal braces when they think about orthodontics, but there are different orthodontic appliances that exist to help keep young teeth growing in properly and support your child’s oral health overall. One of the many appliances we offer at Summit Family Orthodontics are palatal expanders, which are designed to help create more space in the upper arch of the mouth to accommodate proper growth.

What Is a Palatal Expander?

When the upper arch of the mouth is not wide enough, a child’s permanent teeth will not have enough room to grow in properly. The crowding results in crooked teeth. A palatal expander helps gently widen the upper arch (or roof) of the mouth to help teeth grow in their proper places. Palatal expanders are popular with younger patients who want to avoid intensive orthodontic care in the future. They are only effective when the jaw is still growing and developing.

What do Palatal Expanders Help with?

Palatal expanders are ideal to avoid the following problems:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Crossbites
  • Impacted teeth
  • Breathing issues

Palatal Expander Procedure

The palatal expander procedure is simple. After our orthodontist performs an examination and determines whether your child is a good candidate for a palatal expander, they will create the expander and insert it during a follow-up visit. There are different types of expanders. We offer removable and fixed expanders. Each comes with its own procedure depending on which one is best for your child’s needs.

More About Palatal Expanders

Now to answer that initial question, “Does a palatal expander hurt?” Palatal expanders may feel tight for a few minutes, but they do not hurt. In fact, it’s completely safe to eat with expanders so long as food is cut into small pieces to prevent choking. To keep palatal expanders clean, it’s best to brush them after eating.

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