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25Oct, 2016

Best Halloween Candy for Braces

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Halloween is one of the sweetest times of the year. That is, unless you have braces, right? On the contrary, there are many treats you and your children can enjoy together this Hallows Eve! Here are four candies you’ll enjoy and your teeth will thank you for: Soft candies Softer, melt-in-your-mouth candies are more braces-friendly than other sticky candies such as Jolly Ranches, Warheads, and Peppermints. Try buttermints and Andes chocolates. Soft chocolate bars Speaking of Andes chocolates, there are many other soft chocolate candies you can snatch while trick […]

20Oct, 2016

5 Fast Facts from Orthodontists

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“Braces” is word that not many patients like to hear, but if you ask anyone who has ever had them then you know they are worth the time and investment. Just so you understand the need for these orthodontic “appliances”, here are five fast facts from orthodontists such as ourselves: 1. Braces can treat malocclusion. In other words, they can fix a “bad bite”. The way many orthodontists define a perfect bite is when the teeth are straight with just enough space in between, and the back molars meet in […]

13Oct, 2016

7 Tips for Brushing Your Teeth With Braces

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Brushing your teeth can be a tedious task in itself, but with braces – we’ll it just makes the process a whole less pleasant. Whether you’ve had braces for one month or one year, you’ll benefit from a few expert tips from professionals who know about the struggle firsthand: Start with water Before you even pick up your toothbrush and start brushing, rinse with water. Rinsing can help loosen any food stuck between your braces. Rinse twice if you feel it’s necessary. Use ADA-accepted fluoride Choose a paste that has […]

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